"No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man's permission when we ask him to obey it."
-Theodore Roosevelt

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

The litigation and dispute resolution team at Apollo & Co. Advocates is able to advise you on legal disputes and the legal mechanisms available for their successful resolution. We believe that disputes are often won or lost on the depth, accuracy and forensic skills of litigation lawyers.

Should your matter proceed to litigation, you can be assured that a hard-working and dedicated team of lawyers will be protecting your interests from every angle. Our litigation skills and expertise are in Constitutional matters, Commercial & Business Law, IT & Technology Law, and , Property Law

Commercial & Business Law

Our business and commercial lawyers act and advise on legal issues relating to a wide range of business and commercial dealings including advice on commercial contracts, regulations & compliance, Trade Practices, business structuring, mergers and acquisitions and sale and purchase of businesses.

IT & Technology Law

The IT & technology law team at Apollo & Co. Advocates advises a range of clients from web-based businesses to technology companies. Lawyers working in our commercial and business law team commonly have IT related qualifications to match their legal qualifications.

Our key areas of expertise and experience:
• Website terms and conditions
• E-business advisory
• Protection of intellectual property in IT & technology
• Confidentiality and non-disclosure contracts
• Privacy contracts
• Independent contractor agreements
• Email and internet policies
• Media storage and escrow agreements
• Technology acquisition and implementation contracts
• Outsourcing contracts
• IT tenders, contracts and due diligence
• Software and hardware development contracts

Property Law

The property law team of lawyers can advise you when you buy and sell commercial, industrial or residential property or in matters involving owners corporations. We are also experienced in matters involving retail or commercial leasing. When dealing with property matters, our expertise in conveyancing, finance and refinancing, Torrens and old title systems, subdivisions, leasing and planning laws will serve to protect your interests. You can also be assured that when property is affected by family or estate disputes, we have the relevant skills and expertise in resolving such matters.

Our key areas of expertise and experience:
• Residential conveyancing
• Commercial and industrial conveyancing
• Building contracts
• Creation and removal of caveats
• Creation and removal of covenants
• Creation and removal of easements
• Financing and refinancing
• Retail and commercial leasing

Pro bono legal services

With personnel having a long and rich tradition of public service, provision of pro bono legal services is an integral part of the history, ethic, and operation of the firm. We take our professional obligation as lawyers seriously, with the principle of increasing access to justice guiding our pro bono efforts.